Instant setup for all your smart lighting

Instant setup for all your smart lighting

Access all smart features instantly, simply by connecting your new lights to your existing Wi-Fi. You can control lights when you're away from home and set schedules to turn them on and off automatically. All without needing to install additional hardware. Keep the controller within Wi-Fi range, and all linked lights will be fully controllable even out of Wi-Fi range.

Matter Certified

Matter Certified

This product is Matter certified. You can set it up and control it with your preferred smart home platform and make it work seamlessly with other Matter Certified devices.

Always feel safe and secure with automated outdoor lights

Schedule your outdoor lights to turn on every day before you get home, so that you can clearly see your environment and feel safe. Set your lights to turn off automatically in the morning, or when they are not necessary, and save energy.

Beautify your garden with millions of colors & dynamic modes

Choose from millions of light colors, from energizing cool white to soft warm white and create the best ambience for your outdoor activities. Or simply apply a preset dynamic light mode, like Ocean, Forest or Party to create an amazing atmosphere and lift the mood.

Waterproof and weatherproof

This light is designed for you to enjoy the outdoors as it is waterproof and weather proof. Made with materials that are UV resistant, as well as resistant to wind and snow. Passed rigorous tests to ensure it withstands most weather conditions.

Low voltage technology, safe to use and easy installation

Especially designed for you to enjoy the outdoors, this light just needs to be plugged in to use. No complicated wiring. Uses low voltage technology to prevent electric shocks and keep you safe. Comes with its own adapter.

Set a different color for each spot and amplify the mood

Let the play of dynamic light modes amplify the mood. Easily set each spot to shine a different color. Mix and match millions of light colors or a variety of light modes to create a unique light effect that fits your style.

Add extra spots to light more outdoor space

Light all the outdoor space you want with ease. Works well in smaller spaces or larger gardens. Add up to 5 spots (units sold separately) anywhere in your garden.